Consumers becoming more frugal and less concerned with status items.

55% of consumers said that they make aspirational purchases, like buying designer items or expensive status symbols, less often now than they did just five years ago. And according to a report from NPD Group, the idea of aspirational brands is currently undergoing a major shift. Where consumers once were willing to stretch their budgets to make purchases based on status or style, many are now more concerned with practicality and saving money.

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Why your marketing is failing

There is a lot of money being wasted on ineffective marketing.  Why?  Too much data, too many meetings to try and understand the data and too many brands, allowing their agencies to lead them on a road, that they have promised, is lined with gold.  Take away all the data, all the meetings and you’re still left with a fundamental of marketing, the brand promise. Continue reading

You can’t guilt people into buying stuff

guiltintobuyingThere are those that use social media as a legitimate channel to engage people and there are those who see it as a way to inflate huge ego’s and self promote their books so they be legends in their own minds.

In an article in the NY Times Gary Vaynerchuk does a good job of promoting his new book and states that social media is a great way to guilt people into buying stuff.  In fact, he is described as a tireless self-promoter.  There is little question that Mr. Vaynerchuk is a master at promoting himself. But what about his clients? They tend to regard him as a colorful savant, pointing to his immense online following and his track record in spotting companies like Twitter and Facebook, both of which he invested in long before they went public.  Did anyone think to ask about the business objectives? Continue reading