Day: March 10, 2013

The old way of marketing is no longer sustainable

old MarketingThe old way of marketing is no longer able to deliver optimal results. Even worse, marketing is not leading the dialogue about reinvention, and, for that reason, it is not (or is no longer) considered vital to many organizations or enterprises.  The old way of doing things can be summarized as follows: Budgets define strategy. A brand is just a brand. It’s all about the qualitative research. Advertising is the answer. Marketing results cannot be measured. Technology isn’t for everyone. We can’t do anything without doing research.  These are all beliefs which can destroy a brand and leave it in the dust. Continue reading »

Some great mini infographics

9I’m not sure how I feel about infographics.  On the one hand they are great at conveying some good information but on the other hand we have become some “dumbed down” that we don’t respond to written words anymore we need to have nice graphics.  In any case here some nice mini infographics for a Sunday morning.. Continue reading »

Why marketers are unhappy with social media

Facebook-SUCKS78% of marketers in Europe didn’t feel they didn’t have a “complete and up-to-date view on how much they are investing in, managing and delivering social media campaigns”.  That number is probably the same here yet we have seen research that indicates that a lot of marketers are going to increase their social media marketing budgets.  It’s like putting money into building a new house without any blueprints and it clearly show the disconnect between measurement and tactics. Continue reading »

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