Day: March 5, 2013

When technology overcomes consumers

technology-overloadSomething funny is happening with technology.  Consumers are actually starting to raise their hands and say enough is enough.  From the impending change, again, to facebook’s time-line to learning Windows 8 and trying to understand Apple’s iCloud consumers are getting to the point where newer technology requires more learning time than they see as a benefit.  The result is that people are finally pushing back and saying enough is enough. Continue reading »

In-store promotions beat social-media ROI’s return on investment from in-store promotions can be as much as 50% higher than campaigns run across Facebook and Twitter, according to sources close to the company. Well, finally the realization that in store POP and promotions can really drive sales versus social media because consumers don’t have time to like all the brands in their pantries. Continue reading »

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