Month: February 2013

Content marketing:hype vs. reality

contentmarketingContent marketing has become a hot topic among brand marketers but once again there is a lot of hype vs. reality.  Can great content really help you achieve great online marketing results ?  Yes but it can also lead to increased costs and website visitors consuming your content and purchasing from your competitors.  The bottom line; good content is needed but so is a media plan to refresh the content that leads people to view your brand as providing the information they need to become better consumers. Continue reading »

Why aren’t brands listening to their customers ?

images-1I don’t get it, I really don’t !  I mean social media is supposed to be a conversation for but for most brands it’s a one-way conversation that is pissing off consumers and costing them customers.  Either they don’t have the resources to answer customers, don’t want to answer to customers or are using an agency who can’t respond to customers but the results are the same: you’re loosing customers at a time when you need every customers you can get. Continue reading »

The inner circle of marketing

social_media_truthA lot of marketers live within their own inner world. It’s a world where they pat each other on the back for headlines in the trade press or receiving good buzz around commercials while sales continue to tank.  It’s also a world where they fly off to France for a “marketing conference” while their brands marketing is largely ignored by consumers who are too damn busy to be interrupted by irrelevant messages.  And it’s a world where they believe that social media is going to save their brands even though less than 40% of them actually listen to and respond to posts on their brand boards.  Time for the inner circle to be broken. Continue reading »

The keys to successful blogging

Idea in chalkboard with yellow chalkI have three BLOGS and between the three have over 500,ooo readers a month.  Blogging is a passion to me and I love to share what I learn and read via the Web.  There are so many good blogs out there but there are also a lot of really bad ones.  Here are some of the things hat I learned about blogging that seem to work.  I would love to hear your feedback as well.. Continue reading »

What consumers want brands to understand about them

 What would consumers tell brands if they were listening ?   A lot, but are brands listening or are they still stuck in the old COM world of impressions and reach ?  Given that most brands are not responding to consumers via social media I would say that they are not listening and are using social media more as a promotional tool and less of a tool to engage people and really talk to them like they are important customers.  Here are some things consumers want brands to know about them…
Continue reading »

Why the number of people who “Like” your brand doesn’t matter

short attention spanThe real measurement of a brand’s Facebook success is relevance, not the number of people who Like your brand.  Brands could increase the way consumers think about them if they watch and learn what consumers are reading and sharing on Facebook not on promotional messages that people tend to ignore. Remember that people are on social media to talk to friends not to learn that there is new and improved detergent. Continue reading »

How to develop a great branded website

Note to marketers: You can’t develop a great branded interactive marketing experience without spending money.   When I review interactive marketing programs that have failed to live up to expectations more often than not the number one reason is lack of budget and or process (i.e. cutting corners).  Your online brand experience is often the first place people are going to come in contact with your brand so don’t you want it to be a great representation of your brand and company ? Continue reading »

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