Why content publishers are full of….

really-480How man times have you clicked on a story like “which celebrities have let themselves go” only to find that you need to click on 10 or more pages to read the content?  Then there are publishers that won’t let you read their pages because you dared to install an ad blocker!  It shows me that publishers and content providers just don’t get that the Internet is about users, not them. Continue reading

How Cool Brands stay hot

screenshot_543Marketing executives Joeri Van den Bergh and Mattias Behrer conducted quantitative and qualitative research on generation Y and generation Z consumers to learn how to entice their vast numbers to buy your products and services. They control a global youth-market consumer base that accounts for an estimated $200 billion in annual purchasing power.

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Behind mobile hype: Insights

unknownBlack Friday suffered another blow this week after early deals and online shopping robbed the event of many brick-and-mortar customers. Online sales surged 14 percent on Thanksgiving , according to Rakuten Marketing, and websites such as Target.com had their biggest day ever during the holiday. Smartphones and tablets have made it easier for consumers to shop from the couch, and many more of them are now doing just that. Mobile purchases made up 41 percent of e-commerce orders on Thanksgiving, up from 37 percent last year,  Rakuten found.  However, what’s been lost in all this is that desktops still rule. Continue reading

Content Marketing: You’ve been sold a bridge again

imagesOne of the great marketing con jobs of our time is “content marketing” promoted by the same people who inflated the social media bubble.  Last week, a marketing analytics firm called Beckon reported some statistics about content that should sober up even the most delusional content maniac:

– 19 of 20 pieces of content (95%) get little to no engagement.

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Always-On Marketing Study

razorfishstudyPOST SUMMARYRazorfish defines Always-On Marketing as data-driven, content-led experiences, delivered across channels and devices in real time.  Very few businesses are equipped to compete in real time, and most struggle with the most basic technology and marketing programs.  What’s driving the need to become an Always-On marketer? The pace of change and intensity of disruption is accelerating, fueled by an increase in socially connected people who are today’s mainstream. These consumers access brands multiple times per day — and spend more time online, on more devices and in more locations than ever before. Continue reading

Why I will never trust the media again

unknownMany media outlets and polls had the election wrong, calling into question their research methods and whether they have lost touch with the America between the coasts that carried Mr. Trump to victory. In addition, much of the media has been maligned for not being aggressive enough in its coverage of Mr. Trump’s rise, business operations and questionable statements on the stump. Continue reading