Why there is no such thing as social media marketing

It’s about time that marketers understand something:consumers don’t want to marketed to”.  They are sick of commercials, sick of ads on mobile devices and they wield a lot of power holding brands accountable for bad marketing, ads and products. Continue reading “Why there is no such thing as social media marketing”

The bottom line truths around social media marketing

Marketers have always been trained to “follow the numbers” but in some case that logic doesn’t apply to marketing today.  If you’re trying to create awareness for a new product or brand of course you need to create awareness, but if you’re an established brand awareness very rarely translates into conversion.  Anyone who says “you need to..” be on any social media platform because of the number of users doesn’t understand what consumers and their recommendations to do so should be seen as pure pontificating. Continue reading “The bottom line truths around social media marketing”

Are brands really media ? The debate over content marketing

There is a belief that “brands are media” and that “content is king”.  However, do consumers really have the time to read all your content and what if your content leads to them purchasing your competitors’ products?
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Marketers not realizing customer revenue potential

screenshot_364In a survey, only 3 percent of survey respondents said they were realizing the full revenue potential of their customers , with almost half (47 percent) saying they were not, 44 percent saying they were working on it, and 6 percent revealing that they simply didn’t know how well they were doing in this area. Continue reading “Marketers not realizing customer revenue potential”

Commercials are meant to sell, not entertain

soapbox_webIf you watched the NFL playoffs, how many of those commercials actually made you want to buy the product advertised? The ad industry continues on a path towards irrelevance as brands fund ads that do nothing but pay the agencies for their time. Continue reading “Commercials are meant to sell, not entertain”

Why the constant need to put consumers in segments ?

Marketing 101 teaches us that we need to understand consumers and segment them for our marketing to be effective.  The problem with this strategy is that today there could be a lot of sub-segments with your target audience, each with its own needs and wants. One message for everyone does not work well with consumers who refuse to be thought if as “segments” but rather individuals.
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