Hashtag activism

The dark side of social media is something called “hashtag activism”. Hashtag activism,” allows people to do little more than hit “post” and feel as though they’ve made an impact on brands.  Some brands, like Starbucks, understand how to fight back against hashtag activism, but other brands and people are so afraid that they will retreat in their caves and things to apologize for everything including changes in the weather. Continue reading »

Brands that keep making mistakes

UnknownYou would think in an era when everyone is talking about accountability that CEO’s would would be under more pressure to “get things right”. That isn’t the case for some iconic brands who are going to pay a huge price for their blunders. Continue reading »

Consumers to brands: Stop irrelevant ads!

Unknown96% of consumers acknowledge having received mistargeted promotional information and 94% have taken steps to break off communication, including automatically deleting emails, unsubscribing from lists and never visiting the site again.  In short, consumers don’t like offers they consider irrelevant to their interests and needs. Continue reading »

What “Animal House” can teach us about marketing

National Lampoon’s Animal House is over 30 years old yet when the movie runs on premium cable channels it still draws an audience.  Is it because of the excellent cast ?  That probably has something to do with it but more likely the reason we like to watch the movie is because it takes us back to a time when we were in college. A time before deadlines, mortgage and car payments.  People remember moments and Animal House is great at taking us back to moments of our lives that were less stressful.  Marketers should remember this. Continue reading »

Put an end to “big data” and start Analytics 3.0

all-you-need-to-know-about-big-dataAll over the Web there are a lot of infographics that convey data points but I would argue that data without analytics to help us understand why, how and where are pretty much meaningless.  In fact I would suggest that big data is over-hyped and that the real gold for marketers is the use of analytics that help us better understand consumers and customers. Continue reading »

Digital marketing = continual optimization

Post Summary: Despite spending high amounts of money and energy acquiring traffic, marketers are not following through by devoting significant funds to optimization strategies that can increase their returns. In fact, 81% of the more than 1,700 digital marketers surveyed reported spending 15% or less of their marketing budgets on optimization activities. And beyond this lack of investment, many are also not exploiting critical opportunities: 53% are not optimizing the relevance of their on-site search results, and 52% say that testing consumer engagement is not a priority at their organization. Continue reading »

Bloggers cast an influential net with their audiences

Burst Media surveyed 1,453 U.S. online adults aged 18 or older to learn how independent web audiences interact with and use social media, how blogs and bloggers influence purchase decisions, and the impact of socially enabled display advertising.  One of the key findings was that Bloggers cast an influential net with their audiences. Of respondents who visit or read blogs, 2-in-3 (65.5%) say a brand mention or promotion within context of the blog influences their purchasing decisions. Continue reading »